Not For You

Sometimes, you may get a call or a text that is not for you, instead, it was meant for someone else.  Maybe the person who used to have that phone number, or even simpler…it was dialed/entered in error.


Sometimes you get a 3rd party call that is cloning a local number so it looks like you might actually know the person and you answer it.


The latter seems worse. At least the first person didn’t intentionally take you away from your work, family or friends – just to waste your time with an offer that you have no interest in pursuing.

However, there is one that may even be the absolute worst.

Sometimes, you get an e-mail that seems to be meant for someone else; but you are not entirely sure. It concerns you, bothers you, distracts you.


Then, you start to worry. What did that mean? How can I figure out what they meant? Did they really mean that?

You have to address it up front and honestly. Ask a question. Clarify.

Frequently, communication sent via text or email is not reliable. Even the slightest miscommunication can escalate to something when it started out completely benign and innocent.

Better to know sooner than much, much, later. Call them and confirm. Find out now that it was not for you. Of course, that is what you thought in the beginning, but hey…who knows? We can’t be mind readers…not yet anyway.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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