On Facebook

It is such a wonderful world out there, and many of us share our love of life, family, work and of course, our friends on Facebook

Or, at least with those who are using the platform. (Those who are not, can still find this blog and even sign up for the daily feed via e-mail..)

It is a nice thing that they – ok, Mark, along with his team of amazing software programmers – created for us to enjoy. It is still a big, new, shiny, happy place…even when it isn’t.

I know I use it far more than I should – but probably could make better use of it. 

I do believe that now is a pretty good time to share our thoughts and thanks for family and friends – of course, it’s appropriate to go on Facebook to say it. However, as someone reminded us (ok, me) tonight, a more personal note, even if it isn’t hand written is probably best, but this is still kind of nice. 

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl  

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