Old Haunts

We all have those places we love to go back to time and time again, the places we feel most alive are ironically often our old haunts.

  • College campuses.
  • Beach towns.
  • Mom and Dad’s home.
  • Dive bar where even as a full grown, productive and mature adult, you feel comfortable despite it’s lack of overall cleanliness or how sticky the bar stools may be.
  • The lake house.
  • Breakfast, brunch or lunch – for 2 or more – and where you can count on the coffee to be hot, the food to be served quickly, our server who knows what you like to drink and the scenery to be entertaining. (Ghost sightings and stories are a bonus.)
  • A little path through the woods to get to the other side of the neighborhood.
  • The space between your house and a best friend and neighbor…the tree you have to duck under and the rock you have to dodge.

Places you choose to go often. By default. No thinking about it. Just that is the best place to go. Those special places we know, become our favorite old haunts and hopefully, someone else’s too – after all, the more the merrier.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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