About Ghosts

Tonight, I participated in a local tour about ghosts with stories that literally make up some components of the history of our town, our region and, incidentally, our country.

Are they all real situations?


  • The people were real.
  • The history is real.
  • The houses and buildings are old.
  • The lives that haunt were not, all old that is.
  • The people who witnessed the incidents, filmed them and recorded the voices and sounds – are real.

Yet, the places we visited look exactly like normal places. The same places that I see as I walk through the neighborhood. (Unlike the pic shown, which is what you think when you hear ghost tour and horror stories.)

The topics ranged from cemeteries, to the differences between the hospitals that treated enlisted and officers for injuries sustained in the War for Independence and from children witnessing horrible acts (that were later documented in a diary and helped identify a significantly historical burial site) to a woman who freed her slaves as soon as she inherited them from her father.

Side note of significance: She later allowed her home to be part of the underground railroad. Yet, one of the men and his child haunt the property behind her house and we have to ask why. Maybe our interest and our questions give us pause and give them some measure of relief so they can rest in peace.

Sure, the tour was timely – after all, this is the perfect month for scary stories, ghosts, goblins and zombies among other things that give us chills. Besides being perfect for Halloween, there is something more there.

Whether you believe in stories and legends about ghosts as being real, or think of them as entertainment – they can also be essential for learning about our prior community’s inhabitants lives – and maybe that is the most important thing.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS You should also know that ghosts can haunt, even if they died as few as 10 years ago, not just over 100, 200 or 300 years ago in our American history.

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