Sunday Sunsets

We all probably enjoy Sunday sunsets, especially at the start of a vacation, in the most comfortable wooden chairs we can find outside.

Ironically, Adirondack chairs are found all over the place, in areas far south of the mountain range that inspired them.

Combine these two images and you get the feeling of peace, relaxation and serenity. It literally conveys the word vacation.  My mom took this photo on a fall getaway with my dad. (Thanks mom for the photo, I love it.) It really tells a story.

When you are on vacation, on that first Sunday night, the weekend is over, yet…

  • Sleeping in tomorrow is not only an option, it is probably something you’re looking forward to with great anticipation.
  • A leisurely breakfast out is very likely.
  • Reading a book until late in the evening letting your eyes relax and your mind wander.
  • Or, sure, watching the movie you’ve been saving to see when you had more time so you can truly enjoy it, appreciating the nuances that the director hoped you’d see.
  • Late afternoon walks on the beach, around the lake, down Main Street and lingering in front of the stores to remember where to go back later.

On vacation, the Sunday sunsets lead right into Monday morning – no work – all play – and that is how more of our Sundays should be. I bet you’d agree.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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