Out of Order

When things happen out of order, it can cause problems.

Assembled parts don’t function as they should.

Or, maybe they don’t even fit the way they are supposed to fit.

A sandwich becomes difficult to eat.

Or, is just super messy, and necessitates extra, durable napkins.

Key parts of the project are done but have to be redone.

Or, just adjusted, maybe slightly less effort than doing it all over again.

Your scheduled appointment won’t actually result in the answer.

And, you will have to wait for a remote/virtual diagnosis.

Some things learned will not be completely accurate.

Or, they won’t actually be relevant in the way they were learned.

When things are out of order, that is also a problem. In the end, however, this latter problem is probably just a matter of time and money. The former, maybe not so much, nor is it always easily fixed – even with time and money.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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