Oh Apple

Less and less like the favorite Oh Christmas Tree carol, Oh Apple, the fun is never ending with you.

First, you get us all to “buy-in” to your world with phones and computers and tablets that we just can’t live without.

Second, you keep updating the operating software making the older devices less functional as games and apps can’t be used unless they are on the new OS. (Tricking some to upgrade/update by entering their password unknowingly “to update in the morning” when it obviously won’t affect your use.)

Then, as the system gets even more advanced, you slow down the phone – you may have experienced it, and even notices that fun little grey bar across the top – that just means they are helping preserve the aging battery life on your just-over-the-2-year-mark aka, old phone.

We used to joke about it and suggest that Apple was doing something to help encourage you to buy the new phone since the old one just was becoming obsolete.

People, friends and colleagues would say “Yea…” as if it just occurred to them that the phone was not working quite as well. Especially just after you stopped paying for the phone and had to consider buying one that is now nearly a grand…and has a glass screen, and a glass back – both that we can much more easily crack and damage without even so much as trying to answer the phone, let alone take a precariously perched selfie on the rocky jetty.

Now, we know it to be true. Apple has actually admitted, that for our own good they have slowed down our aging phones to help protect their life…but, they have apologized and they have offered to replace the older phone battery if it will help with the problem (for just $29 if your phone is eligible.)

Thank you for the offer, but I already paid $127 to replace mine.

I was hoping to make it a few more months until the non-glass back version became available. I do NOT need to be on the cutting edge as an early adopter. Heck, as much of a fan that I am, I still haven’t seen Star Wars 8 yet!

Oh Apple – what are we going to do with you? It is a serious question and one that deserves careful consideration. Why, oh why do we stay? TBH, I am not sure we will.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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