Closing In

The things around us are actually closing in. Crowded spaces. Tree still up. Christmas presents all around.

It can be a bit overwhelming, right?

There hasn’t been nearly enough time to integrate everything into the house, making room, squeezing in one or two or maybe even a hundred new things. I’ve lost count and there is no where to sit.

Quite literally. Sit on the floor maybe that is the best bet.

The article I read earlier this morning about de-cluttering and removing the things that you no longer need is lingering, still on my mind.

The new year of 2018 is closing in on us and we still need to make the rest of 2017 matter more…maybe it is time to donate the things we no longer want, need or believe will make everything better. Stop shopping, ignore the final sale notices – we have more than we can handle. So do they. The time is now and there isn’t much time left; only 2 more days to make it count.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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