Never Too Cold

Whoever said it is never too cold may have been thinking something else.

  • Maybe they were talking about beer.
  • Maybe they were talking about the ice in the hockey rink.
  • Maybe they lived somewhere colder than where we are now. 

A place where you have to wear so many layers that you start overheating before you leave the building, but you don’t have much choice. (The weather report said just a few minutes of exposure could cause frostbite.)

  • Maybe they were talking about building a fire in the fireplace.
  • Maybe they were talking about sippin’ whiskey.
  • Maybe they lived somewhere so humid, it just felt better to be somewhere you don’t need air conditioning to breathe.

In a place cool and dry year-round and then occasionally colder than cold, you probably just need to focus on something warm and close and cozy, like friends and family. The kind of people who think that winter is the most wonderful time of the year…and truly believe that it’s never too cold for champagne. Who could disagree with least for a couple of days holiday anyway. Cheers…however it is you’re staying warm.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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