Nothing Drastic Needed

It sometimes takes a simple little thing to make people happy. Nothing drastic needed to make their day, change their outlook and send them home with a smile on their face.

Smiling is everything.

Laughing is a bonus.

That is the best…

It just took:

  • a little haircut
  • a chocolate chip cookie
  • a dish of pudding not even with whipped cream on top
  • a sincere compliment
  • a parking spot – close to the building – when it is pouring rain
  • a short stack of non-gluten free pancakes
  • a dollar or two more on the tip – making it 25% instead – which can be all the difference
  • a glass of red wine
  • a 22 minute comedy show that doesn’t embarrass itself
  • a pair of pants that fit this time, when they didn’t the last time you tried them on 2 weeks ago
  • a perfect toasting on the bread…not burned and not still barely warm
  • a moment when you connected with someone you hadn’t previously

Going to sleep, at the end of the day, fully satisfied with the fact that there was nothing drastic needed to be happy.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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