Not That Bad

Ever have one of those experiences when something happens, but you know it could be worse – you may stop and think, well, it’s not that bad.

  • They ran a red light, but you were looking at the sunset and didn’t jump off the line when the green light changed.
  • The eggs fell out of the fridge, but they were the hard boiled ones; you had accidentally grabbed the wrong carton.
  • The tree limb fell and broke the chair, but not the deck.
  • You lost your wallet, but it was found by one of your neighbors and returned in tact.
  • You missed the train, but ran into an old friend.
  • They offered the job to someone else and a better one came along the following week.
  • You failed a class but passed the second time and really (really) understood it then.
  • You walked away but found someone perfect for you.

Overall, there are many times when you should remember what is good.

You also might want to think about the not so good things, and how you could make them better.

When you stop and analyze what it is that is not that bad – you can focus on the positive things that you should really appreciate in your life.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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