Let’s Play Catch

It is nearly the weekend and it is one that has been greatly anticipated for some reason…in our down time, let’s play catch.

  • Not catch up on work.
  • Not catch yourself looking at the computer and thinking that there are things to be done.
  • Not catch up on paying the bills.
  • Not catch up on calling clients to check in on them.
  • Not any of those.

A real game. Face to face. With the kids, outside in the sun.

Let’s play catch and maybe catch up on what is going on with each other. Let’s see what it is that we can find to talk about – maybe there will be common ground – a laugh or two (or ten thousand.) Then, at the end of the weekend we will feel better, and ready to face the world.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Steve, thanks for the glove. We needed that.

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