Blue Everywhere

I am well aware of the psychology of awareness. The impact of advertising and branding. The realization that you are seeing what you have been looking at in stores…but I admit that in spite of knowing, I am somewhat shocked that I am just (now) seeing cars that are bright blue everywhere…after buying a bright blue car.

It has happened before. It has probably happened to you.

Here is my story.

  • It happened when I worked on a highway project and we had to survey a stretch of the interstate for equipment; for months after the project, I noticed the equipment in all the places we went.
  • It happened when we were getting married; we saw people getting ready to wed, honeymoon or just enjoying the early months of bliss.
  • It happened when we were buying our first house and there were very few 3-car garages, but when we saw one they stood out. (No, we don’t have 3 cars, but we knew that it would be beneficial to have 2 for cars and 1 for everything else.)
  • It happened when we were having a baby, everywhere I went we saw pregnant women.
  • It happened when we first bought a mini-van, light blue and everywhere we went, moms had that same pale blue Chrysler Town & Country.

It didn’t, however, happen when we got a brown car. Apparently no one else wants a brown vehicle. I’m not sure why. I loved that glossy, shimmery chocolate coffee SUV until it decided to give up on doing its job as a car – which is to move when driven. So, now, it’s replacement has me seeing blue everywhere and I am reminiscent of the other especially when I saw one randomly the other day. Yes, I am sad and I just can’t shake it.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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