Not Enough Hours In A Day

Sometimes, it seems like there are not enough hours in a day to do everything you want to do in your business. This is why, great leaders in successful businesses choose to delegate and cultivate staff to do work that they don’t “need” to do themselves.

Training, support, mentor-ship and guidance all work when the leader takes the time to help an employee do a better job as they grow into the position.

Communicate, over-communicate and provide feedback. Constantly.

It all matters.

Sometimes, they need to fail, they will then find their way back up and fix their mistakes.

I know that there are not enough hours in a day when you have to spend them training someone new. The extra 4 hours talking to them about something that you could have done in an hour – maybe less – is so painful. Take the time, invest in them now. In a short time, maybe as long as 4 months, you will have countless hours of your own time, saved and banked. This will give you the refresher, the breather and rest that you so need and deserve.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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