Closing Soon

So the sign says, closing soon. This means YAY! The shop is still open.

Or does it?

20 minutes until the shop is done for the day. I don’t really care when you opened; well, maybe I do. I should make note of when you open so I can try to see you earlier in the day, right?.

No, probably not.

Because I won’t ever be back.

20 minutes until closing and you have everything wrapped up, display case lights are turned off, the grill is off and I can’t order what my kids already told me they wanted. Now, I have to figure out what alternative you have that they may possibly like. (I have recently realized, that I have two, not one, but two picky eaters!! When did that happen?)

So to you I say, dear shop owner, “do you know that your staff is doing this to you?”

I might add that you still have hundreds of your delectable, round New York style bagels available to be eaten? (I am not talking about a few stragglers of the weird flavors – not sure blueberry bagels ever should have been invented, but plain, salt, everything, poppy, sesame, spinach, cheddar cheese, jalapeno, pumpernickel and rye…they were all available, too.)

The locals must know not to come in past 1:30PM because everything is sealed up tight and unavailable to be added to one of those bagel options listed above. No one else was in the shop. No sign saying “Birthday party for our 100 year old grandfather, closing early today!” or something equally fair and fun to know…

I get it that the staff got up early and came in to work before the sun was awake. I understand. However, the customers do not appreciate it, you wasted their time.

They get annoyed when they have to tell their kids that their opportunity for a NY bagel was lost because the shop is not closed, just closing soon, but may as well have been “closed”.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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