No Waiting

Driving up north for the weekend, we see the billboard on the side of the road that proudly says “No Waiting.” 

Cool! It is Friday night, who wants to wait for dinner out?

We try to call ahead to our favorite places and get on the list. I also use the No Wait app which is kind of cool. You can even see that there is a 15 minute wait for a party of 4, or if you want to invite someone else, check that, too. 

That friend you haven’t seen in a while posted that their reservation and plans got canceled, so ask them to join you, as long as the wait is not an hour or more…

Of course, the sign we saw said just 11 minutes wait. In big, bold digital LED letters. Sure, that works…

I mean, wow, that is pretty short. No waiting for an emergency room, however, is not the thing I expected to see advertised on the side of the road. That marketing pitch is certainly saying something; what they are saying exactly I am not sure. 

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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