It’s Not the Method

When you are really creative, the thing that matters most is being able to get the ideas out of your head and onto the paper or the screen. It’s not the method that matters – it is the result.

It doesn’t matter whether you use a pen, or a felt tip marker, or you talk into your audio device to take down your notes.

I am really starting to like voice to text…even though it is not yet quite…let’s say, perfect.

Keep your notebook handy. Post-its. Scraps of paper. Receipts from the coffee you buy every day but probably don’t need a record of the purchase. Ask your kids to write something down if you are driving (sure, they will do it – they are happy to – anything for mom or dad.)

Do you edit, over and over again, or get it right the first time. Do you take notes and write stories or start blog posts and then not post them?

Revising is good. Rereading is best…but it’s not the method or the process that makes it great, though. It is the inspiration for the idea that got you to where you are right now. Just do it or at least try – you will be surprised by what you can create if you give it a little attention.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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