New Vision

So much can be accomplished if you just make the time to create, give or ask for new vision.

  • It could be simple, taking time for your future in the company, along with an updated mission statement.
  • It could be from a non-profit organization (Vision to Learn) that takes an ophthalmologist to local schools to help children get vision screening and their first pair of glasses.
  • It could be taking the time to book an appointment to get new contacts for your very own eyes.

Life is much more difficult if you are not able to read: the monitor, the phone, the book, the prescription, the notes about tomorrow’s important meeting, the bio on who you will meet tomorrow, the total on the check at dinner…and going old school, the chalk board, the footnotes, the instructions for the lab you are about to perform or the code you write to make the app work.

Clear vision helps you teach, it helps you learn, it helps you improve, it helps you grow.

I got new contacts today. It was about time. So far, they are amazing.

But, not really the most amazing…These kids, the ones helped by a friend of ours (and an entire organization of people spread across the country), well, they get their first pair of glasses ever.  I can’t think of too many things that are more important than being able to see clearly.

Seeing the world with new vision is no surprise, better for moral, better for performance and helps to show the world how amazing kids can be – and how beautiful the world around us really is.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Check out the organization!! “Vision To Learn provides free eye exams and free eyeglasses to students in low-income communities.”

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