Following The Leader

It’s easier to say that you didn’t do anything wrong when you were following the leader. No matter how many One-Way, Do Not Enter, or Detour – Road Closed signs there are, if someone does it in front of you it is totally ok, right? Or, is it?

When do you decide to go the other way, maybe even taking a longer route, or taking more time, do you do it out of fear or a sense of obligation – or because you are not afraid to forge your own path – going your own way and becoming the leader.

In my head, the sing-song, Peter Pan musical piece, “Following The Leader” is constant. I can see the Lost Boys literally choosing to never grow up and to follow the forever boy, Peter no matter how risky, self-centered and childish – risking their own lives to help him have fun. When you choose to abandon your internal voice, the one that allows critical reasoning, there can be consequences. Being oblivious to why you are there is no excuse.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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