Seeing New Things

Once you have a reason to focus on something, you will start seeing new things, over and over, all over the place at the same time.

  • The same car you just bought, or maybe just other cars in the unique color you selected.
  • The same type of restaurant, or menu item, you were just introduced to by a friend.
  • The same style of promotional sign, on the corner to alert you to a new store or product they sell.
  • The same flavor of coffee, or ice cream, or cookie with a brand new ingredient someone just discovered.

If you want to try something different, start looking for something that you haven’t seen before…before the trend is everywhere. Then, you can be the one to introduce it to others, whether they are friends, family or colleagues (and maybe even clients.)

Even though they may not be “new” you will start seeing new things that were never before of interest, but become the best thing since, well, gourmet coffee.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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