New Controls

I am not talking about the government’s (and associated agency’s) latest new controls…though, to be honest, I find them utterly annoying.

I am talking about software, applications and new device support.

Progress sometimes (often) comes with change.

Change is hard (for most.)

It is simply (mostly) annoying for others.

Delaying the inevitable, is not wise. You should probably (more often) upgrade your software on your computer, table, phone, game console, smart watch, home virtual assistant, smart toothbrush, automatic lights, home alarm, back door key-less entry pad, or – hey, your television – the list I am sure goes on and on. The reason (however) that we delay is because it isn’t always easy, fast or intuitive.

Getting new controls can be a challenge, but we must accept them, or be in the dark (ages.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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