All The Nicknames

You can have all the nicknames you want…

and, some you might not choose for yourself, but learn to respond to anyway.

I think, however, even if you didn’t (or wouldn’t) have chosen them for your own self, the more you have, the more people there are in the world who:

  • love you
  • care for you
  • listen to you
  • respect you
  • understand you
  • get your unique sense of humor
  • believe in your work
  • admire your accomplishments
  • trust your performance
  • know the real you
  • appreciate the offer to host your blog
  • take your guidance in anything tech related

and will miss your Face.

Maybe you are like my uncle. He had all the nicknames that were fun, different and suited him. He definitely will be missed.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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