Naming Products

Naming products to sell more during a specific season is a good idea. I used to do this all the time in beverage and snack category management.

If we named Peppermint Mocha (for example) something else like Mocha Chill we might not buy it in the snowy, winter-frosted days. Even though it is both cool and refreshing – the word peppermint connotes a holiday, the reminiscent memory of enjoying candy canes – first, placing them on the Christmas tree – then, taking them off one by one and enjoying that sweet treat found in the classic red and white twirled hook. The Peppermint Mocha fills it’s essential role in conveying a youthful joy that brings you back in time even as you enjoy the caffeine that you need to get through the week day work or weekend to do list.

The other reason this works… besides evoking youthful memories… starts with peppermint’s healing qualities: soothing; refreshing; and cooling.

Enjoy your holiday beverages…even if you never thought that deeply into the naming of the product itself; but if You are in charge of the name – you’d better think about it. Maybe having a tall peppermint mocha with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle will give you the energy and inspiration to take on that creative project. Go for it!

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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