Don’t Blow It

An entire year of planning for the big fashion show, complete with new products, new marketing materials, tons of ad space and media hype. Stars in the show. Big. Huge. Bigger than ever before…

With everything you have invested, don’t blow it by forgetting to test and upgrade your website for all the extra attention and website traffic you will get.

People who are on a mission to get their gift shopping done will rarely forgive:

  • long load times on the website
  • delays in shipping (not arriving on time for the big holiday)
  • out of stock until January 3rd – next year…
  • shopping cart “emptying” after you spent an hour shopping and picking out the perfect gifts, in the right colors, sizes and style
  • extended hold times on customer service lines
  • being hung up nanoseconds after hearing “we are now transferring you to someone who can help…” (but of course, your business is so important to us.)

It is difficult to plan and predict and you are taking a risk every time you spend money on advertising and marketing… don’t skimp on the areas that will crush you if they fail.

So, maybe you plan the big fashion show for a time of the year when it will increase sales by 500% vs. 1000% and you might be able to spend even less to get that return. Improve your margin, attract AND retain new customers and drive sales to your website at a different time of the year. After all, sexy lingerie sells at almost any time of the year, not just for Christmas and  Valentine’s Day – isn’t your angel important to you all throughout the year?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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