Moving On

When one of your clients tell you they will be moving on to manage “it” on their own, it can be both a proud and a sad moment.

Having them admit to themselves and then telling you that they should be managing the work you have been doing is a big step. That means they are ready to spend more time, staff resources, or internal focus on marketing, finance, operations or logistics – whatever it is that you offer to them. They have learned from you what they needed to learn…

Congratulate them, tell them how proud you are of them. Don’t be upset that you have lost a client. Be excited that you have created a more self-sufficient business and wish them all the best. Remind them that you will be with them in spirit and you know they can do it. Let them know you’ll be just an e-mail, phone call or text away – and then ask them for a reference, referral and a recommendation to the entrepreneurs they know who could use your help now.

Keep moving on to help the next and the next and the next…

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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