Go Out

Everyone, and I mean everyone…should go out into the world, new cities, new towns, new schools, new places of work to see new things. Just a few times. Just to see how different it is elsewhere.

The differences can be subtle, but sweet:

  • Like when we went to Seattle and found out that an accident on the highway can be resolved if everyone takes turns – the traffic just melts away.
  • Like traveling in the midwest where everyone calls you ma’am or sir, even if you are 19 and they are 25, and definitely if you are 60 and they are 25.
  • Like Europe where they turn off outlets to save energy, they don’t waste a single thing and they buy fresh baked bread every day.
  • Like anyplace where taxes are a double digit percentage on anything you buy at retail.
  • Like going to a huge university and realizing that being in the top of the class means you are one of a hundred instead of one of ten, but no one remembers that embarrassing time when…

We know there is no place like home, but when you go out, and then come back, you may have learned a few things in addition to a newfound appreciation for the familiar.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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