Independent Thought

In today’s world of information, technology is instantly at your fingertips; “just Google it” or having SIRI answer* your inquiry, independent thought is difficult to have…

As we close out on the summer, I am appreciative for the moments when the kids are bored. 



What happens it you are always busy? 

You can’t think, you don’t have time to write, or time to create. 

So, yes, I think that boredom can certainly be a problem, but at the same time, inspirational for those who are inclinded to invent, design, try new things and create. 

Can you imagine how bored Thomas Edison, Madame Currie or Julia Child each were when they became leaders in their field?

I am starting to believe strongly that it just takes a bright, classically trained and bored individual. I am starting to enjoy the results of their pondering, curiosity and imagination that leads to independent thought, questioning the norm and status quo. Don’t tell people what to do, ask them to find something to do and help them where they don’t know how. 

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl 

*results may vary

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