Moms Celebrate

Universally, moms celebrate when their family does something or becomes something or…

Well, we celebrate a lot of things.

Yea, we celebrate a lot.

  • We celebrate life – our first, second and third child (or whatever your magic number is.)
  • We celebrate milestones; whether it is 1, 13, 16, 18, 20, 21, 40 or 50 (and even beyond.)
  • We celebrate birthdays, holidays, end of school days and proms.
  • We celebrate successes.
  • We celebrate (even though we lament) their failures – because they teach something valuable in the end.
  • We celebrate with cake, balloons, presents and confetti (sometimes.)
  • We celebrate by staying in.
  • We celebrate by going out.
  • We celebrate by singing along, laughing and sometimes, crying…(I’m not crying, you’re crying.)
  • We celebrate being able to celebrate our kids.
  • We celebrate no matter what.

We should probably celebrate more often.

There are lots of opportunities, in a child’s life that moms celebrate – and why shouldn’t we? We made them and that in itself is a tiny, amazing miracle, even when they are no longer tiny enough to be held in our arms, protected from harm. Because of that, we celebrate letting them go, too…even if it makes us happy/sad all at the same time.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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