Moms Count

Over and over (and over again) moms count.

  • They count on people to help.
  • They count how many presents they have for birthdays.
  • The count how many jars/cans/boxes/packages of ____ (fill in the blank) in the pantry.
  • They count how many “back up” containers of half and half in the fridge.
  • They count on their partners to be there.


  • They count the kids in their school trip, which they offered to chaperone so that the groups would not be too overly large or unmanageable…
  • You have 5, I have 15.
  • You have 11, I have 9.
  • You have 17, I have 3.
  • I have 16, you have 4.
  • I have 17, do you have 3?
  • I have 19, you have 1…

Now where did they go? Oh, over there, they put on their hoodie. (Whew.)

Literally throughout the day, moms count. When everything adds up, you can be sure that you have done exactly what you said you would do.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS When the kids say thank you at the end of the night. ❤️

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