Moms Are Women

Sure, we hear this all the time, but really and truly, moms are women who have a lot of thoughts, ideas and (yes) feelings swirling around in their heads.

  • What are my kids up to now?
  • Where are my kids now? (Especially true of moms with kids in college.)
  • What would my husband think of this movie?
  • When should we eat dinner, or maybe even more aptly, what should we eat for dinner and is it something we currently have in our pantry?
  • What if I trade in this car, then by the time this one is ready to be completely paid off, my child will be able to drive a 5-year old, but really safe and reliable car – yes, what about that?
  • What if I push this chair over here, will I be able to put my feet up while I work on my laptop and still see the kids playing outside?
  • What if I finish this course this semester, and if I take two next semester and every one thereafter, will I be able to complete my master’s degree in time to make a difference in my work and career?
  • What if I designed a new tool, or a new medicine that would change the world?
  • What if I couldn’t afford to do this for my kids, would they resent it or appreciate that I would do it if I could?
  • What are they thinking – do they think I want to do this right now?
  • Why am I so sad about that thing that happened to those other people who I don’t even know – is there any way that could have been prevented?
  • Why am I so concerned about the things they think?
  • What if I don’t dye my hair anymore, will they think I am a grandmother?
  • What if…

…and the list goes on and on.

All of these things and more are the “thinks” and ideas and feelings that bubble up, into the forefront of your mind when a mom has a moment of silence, a moment to wait in line, a moment of time when they can’t possibly do anything else. Yes, moms are women, but they are mostly moms, most of the time.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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