Moms and Daughters

The bond between moms and daughters is unique, each, dependent on how you live (or lived) in your relationship.

  • Some are mentors.
  • Some are best friends.
  • Some are based on reliance and dependence.
  • Some are annoying.
  • Some are respectful.
  • Some are friendly.
  • Some are guilt-ridden.
  • Some are scary.
  • Some are loving.
  • Some are full of memories.
  • Some are fun.
  • Some are funny.
  • Some are just there.
  • Some are not there at all…
  • Some change with the years, the moods and the needs.

Moms and daughters out there, are just somehow different from moms and sons – especially if you have both in your relationship. Happy Mother’s Day to all the daughters, the moms and grandmothers out there.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl (2 out of 3)

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