Mermaid Envy

You can be envious of almost anything, but mermaid envy is completely acceptable. Everyone thinks mermaids are amazing.

Yes, everyone.

They’re mythological, beautiful, they can breathe underwater and they aren’t a fish, a shark or a sea turtle.

Ariel may be one of the most recognizable mermaids alive 😉 and she’s not only all of those things, she can sing, too… Just like all mermaids could. Their siren’s call made men crazy. Crazy enough to jump into the ocean even when they couldn’t swim. Mermaids are naturally like a lifeguard (more on them later) except they have no choice but to save the ones who fall under their spell…

So, why a mermaid tale?

Well, May was a long time ago, but our daughter’s birthday gift finally arrived. A mermaid tail called a Monofin that was made possible by a Kickstarter project (I thought the choice of their crowd funding company was perfect.) It was most definitely worth the wait and she’s been practicing her dolphin (er, um mermaid) kick with her SCUBA flippers all summer. She really knows how to use it already and this was her first day out in the water!

I have to say, she shared it right off and didn’t allow one single girl at the pool to experience mermaid envy. Why wouldn’t she…don’t mermaids have more fun when they, too, are swimming with their friends??

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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