Life Changing

Certainly, there are many, many things that are life changing.

One of the most impact-full is becoming a mom (or a dad, I just happened to be at a baby shower today. A lot more focus on the mom, by the other moms…)

  • Graduating…a lifelong pursuit of education.
  • Finding the perfect career – stemming from learning as much as you can and following (hopefully) your passion.
  • Getting married to someone you love and you want have as your lifelong, best friend.

Deciding you want to have a family and share your life with a new little human person is a tough decision for some. They think and think about it.

  • When will be the right time?
  • What will change in my life?
  • How will it affect me?

No one really can answer those questions. You think you can. But, even being the best older sister, baby sitter, or nanny doesn’t prepare you for how your life will change the minute you bring that newest little life into your home.

I was great at what I did “for a living” and I had a lot of confidence. Becoming a mom was something I always believed I would achieve. Having three children was in “our plan” but when that first little life changing birth happened…everything became different. (By different I mean oh, so much better.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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