Coffeevolution is a new word I think that defines exactly the process that people go through as they age and change their coffee drinking habits.

My kids like coffee… or rather they like what can probably be best described as melted caramel coffee ice cream covered in whipped cream topped with a drizzle of dark chocolate sauce.

Admittedly, I was not a kid who grew up sipping my dad’s coffee (his was strong, black and unsweetened, pre-ground, stored in a can, on a shelf for months.)

So, when I started drinking French Roast on a cruise after being subtly introduced to my roommate’s freshly ground coffee weekend aromas… I found that if I fixed mine to taste like melted coffee ice cream it was rather delicious. Later I was told that it was more like the New Englanders’ coffee milk that they make for their kids – sweet, light and just a hint of coffee flavor.  Whatever you call it, it wasn’t yet a habit. I was still just a weekend morning or after dinner “I’ll have a decaf cappuccino” kind of gal.

Then, I was told it was absolutely ok to have one Cup Of Joe each day while I was pregnant with my first daughter… there were so many other things I was told I couldn’t do, I jumped at the chance to create a new habit. It was also quite a treat: 3 sugars, about 1/2 a cup of cream. Yumm-O.

As I have grown (and realized how many calories I was drinking with my now, 2 to 3 cups a day routine,) I cut back to 2 sugars and then just 1 – still a lot of cream by average standards but if there isn’t cream (half-and-half if you will) then I will just have water or iced tea with lemon please.

See, not addicted if you can say no to it and have just water instead.

I have heard that many of my friends started out as an International Delight drinker. Hmmm. Instant hot cocoa flavored with Bailey’s-like Irish cream. (I never did think that was appealing but to each his or her own.)

My dad now only drinks freshly ground, regional beans, like Blue Mountain or Kona or French Roast. He’s got this whole grinder coffee maker machinery on the counter and it is quite a lot of work, but worth the effort.

I think that eventually, I will drop the sugar all together and my coffeevolution will be complete, but I won’t kick the cream habit. I refuse. (Unless, when I am older-er than I am now and I just don’t like it that way anymore.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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