Throughout our lives, the best things we have are memories.

Our childhood, family events, moments with friends and later, our spouse and our children. Certainly as we age, remembering becomes more dear, but even our children hold on to theirs just as tightly.

Today marks fifteen years after the events and the tragedy that was 9/11. I’ve been pensive all day. What did I think then, versus what do I think now? The people with whom I spent that evening all those years ago are now former co-workers, yet those moments and the days that came after are still vivid in my mind. We talked about Kennedy, the Challenger, Reagan…even Ted Kennedy (not being shot) an old joke that made some laugh later…and one intern who was so much younger than all of us put together who didn’t remember any of that – but he’s in his thirties now and I’m sure he remembers. 

We were in upstate New York – far from Manhattan – safe and sound, so to speak…but forever changed. Yet still, every time I go to the city, even this past Thursday, I can’t help but remember.

In fifteen years, we’ve had many wonderful, sun shining days…moments of happiness, amongst sadness, regret, fear – picking ourselves up and moving forward – every day, week and year.

It seems that all we have in our lives are the connections we make, the friends and co-workers with whom we share countless meaningful moments, the family we love, and the memories we share. I am not sure that we’d have it any other way…so enjoy the little things, look closer to see everything you can. Always, always remember – while the past may be sad, today went by much faster than we thought it would, and tomorrow always has hope.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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