It is nearly, nearly always true that you pay more for convenience…In general – this is the market acting and working as it should.

Things that are available to you where you want them, the moment you want them and when real estate is at a premium or access is controlled should cost more. The effort to have it available required forethought, advanced planning and commitment to be there making it available.

Whether this is coffee on the turnpike or toll-road, a bottle of water at the airport past security or a pencil you forgot or lost on your way to the exam – having someone able to serve you when you want to be served may be more expensive.

Certainly, convenience stores got their name from the adjective that best described them, but they do not have a monopoly on that market. Think about what you and your firm or business – service and retail alike – can make easier for your clients and customers – that can be next on your agenda. Not rocket science. Heck, not even science. It’s more about economics and what people need – and when they need it.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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