Memorable Messages

Few would disagree that Disney applied the best tactics in creating memorable messages. From his early work through to today’s favorites, the songs, the phrases and the subsequent images are locked in our minds.

Tonight, all of the memories of the original production came flooding back as we watched the middle school performance of The Jungle Book Kids – plus, I cannot stop singing “I Wan’na Be Like You” Ooh-ooh.

Of course, setting up the perspective that the animals are jealous of the man-cub Mowgli is centuries old; it certainly didn’t start with Walt in 1967 when this movie was first released.  Our belief that being human is the ultimate, the highest achievement one can have without even trying (and just being born that way…)

Indeed it is lucky for us humans that we have the ability to create music with both melody and words that convey any number of memorable messages. We use them willingly in our every day lives…more than just music, more than just phrases, more than just images – certainly, more than just marketing. All of it combined in the perfect way and it becomes an idea – an IDEA – that can be understood by most of us hu-mans especially if we can’t get that song or a jingle out of our heads!

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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