Up To Speed

Getting up to speed in a new role isn’t easy. Even with the best training and the most helpful co-workers, it is just all new. Well, maybe not ALL new, but new to you in context of this role.

The best of us struggle to keep up, even if it is just in certain topics and for certain specific tasks, until we are the experts, sharing our war stories and the tips and tricks to get more done faster.

Not sure how much training (as in communication and advance notice) PennDOT gave – if any – but FYI,  the new PA Turnpike speed limit is 70 MPH folks.

The general feedback I received when I shared the news varied in some form of another, but basically the same message – “Wow, now they’ll feel obligated to do 90.”

I have not found that to be the case, neither at rush hour, nor in between. Instead, I think that many are just struggling to get up to speed, hanging around 65 – even less some places. Is it just old habit; knowing the where the police speed traps reside on the western end of our section of the toll road? Or, is it that in spite of the big shiny new signs, they still can’t believe they can really go that fast and not get into trouble?  Kind of like a new job – you may think you know the rules, but you might ask again, just to be sure. No worries, though – I know you will get there and soon, the real road warriors may very well be going ninety.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl


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