Make Time for Christmas

How do you make time for Christmas…and I mean, the true essence of the season when you have work obligations, commitments with friends and all of the “things” that have to get done by 12/24?

It isn’t easy and the clock is constantly on your mind.

  • Be at this event on Tuesday.
  • What time is the meeting on Wednesday.
  • Lunch with the team on Friday. (Dinner the Thursday before, too.)
  • Shopping.
  • Wrapping.
  • Food prep…
  • Not to mention, you still need to have clean socks and jeans to wear to school for the last week before break.

Say no if you have to say no.

Save the pockets of time and don’t try to full them up with new things that you think you might be able to accomplish.

The clock can be our enemy or our friend, just do your best to make time for Christmas, to sit, relax, breathe and focus on what really matters. Not the things under a tree, not the clock on the wall, not the lack of snow on the ground (who knows, it is still too far out for the forecast to predict.) Focus on the people at arms reach or a FaceTime call away and enjoy the smiles, laughter, and joy that can be yours for the rest of the season.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Definitely not focusing on a clock in a tree…nor, the count-down on the clock to get a tree.

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