So Much Cardboard

At this time of year, there is so much cardboard being sent here and there – what do you do with it all?

When I was a kid, we had a wood burning stove, and it was well-used in the winter-time. Cardboard was a good starter, an easy base under the smaller twigs and loose bark for kindling.

We have no fireplace, so that is not an option today.

I liked the idea I heard, last year maybe, that Amazon would collect a used box when re-filled with donations – balancing out the incoming with the outgoing – making room in your house for the new items.

The Yin / Yang of online shopping.

I liked it except… our local organizations accept donations and we typically take them in bags, simply because they are water proof (or at least resistant) and take up far less space in your car when you have 22 of them going to the fundraiser each fall and spring. Plus, the tied off tops of the bags make for easy lifting handles; much easier to move, lift and carry than the same size box would have to be to carry 12 pairs of too-small leggings, 4 hoodies and several themed t-shirts no longer in style nor the right fit for a growing kid.

I am however reconsidering the option of a box for this purpose, because there is so much cardboard, I am sure that even if the neighbors in the houses down the street weren’t also collecting their own this season, they couldn’t possibly help us use it all. Maybe you have some ideas…if so, please share.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS I hear it has other uses…insulation for example.

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