Make It Big

I really do hope that at some point in your career you make it big.

Really big.

So big that you can’t believe you got where you are today.

Whether your ultimate goal is horseback riding, center stage in the play, Valedictorian, Chef de Cuisine, a sought after position in the company where you work, or owning your own business, finishing a half or full marathon, making a million bucks – anything really, just make sure that it is something that you can celebrate.

You’ve reached your goal and you have surpassed every dream you thought you had…

When you get there you should shout it from the rooftop…Make sure that everyone you know is fully aware of how far you have come. Bring them along for the ride and help them go farther than they thought they could go, too.

Just remember, after you make it big – as in the big time – top of your game – head of your class… Remember to make another goal for yourself.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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