Art or Life

What rules – art or life?

They say that art imitates life. The artist paints or sculpts what they see, how they feel and what they think…who they love.

Singers sing songs about their experiences and certainly about who they love and what they see as they travel around the world. 

Writers, architects, play writes, florists and chefs – all exactly the same. All artists in their own singular and collective ways.

Life imitates art when people react – emotionally, physically and in their actions…internalizing what they see and turning it inside out. Talking about it, changing the way they see the world and smiling or crying at the pure feeling expressed.

If you were to ask any artist, what is real – art or life? They probably would ask you “what’s the difference?” For that we owe them all of our thanks – for each story, picture, painting, statue, building, song, musical piece, movie, play, dinner, bouquet…without their art, we may not truly live.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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