Make The Holiday Last

It is no surprise we want to make the holiday last.

This is especially true of the first major holiday of the summer. The sun is shining, school is almost over, the birds are singing, and convertibles are riding down the highway next to you with the music loud enough for you to sing along.

A three-day weekend is like a vacation even if you don’t get to go away.

People do everything they can to stretch it out – maybe even taking an extra day before or an extra day after.

In the case of retailers, they try to spread out their promotion so that it lasts more than just the long weekend, too. They are trying to get as much benefit out of their radio ads, the printed circular they mailed to your house, or the signs in the window.

In contrast to the lure of the beach and the sunny days, they say “come inside – don’t stay out.”

Whatever you do, savor the feeling and make the holiday last as long as it can – maybe, even all summer long.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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