Love Christmas

For those of you who just absolutely love Christmas, tell us why. Is it because of:

  • family, all together.
  • the music, caroling and singing along.
  • the elves, being feisty.
  • decorating the house, twinkle lights, sleds and ice skates.
  • the cookies.
  • picking the perfect tree to bring home.
  • selecting, one by one and hanging ornaments on the tree.
  • the food.
  • being with friends with no school and no work.
  • the candy.
  • the presents you select, wrap and give.
  • the angel on the tree.
  • the stockings, a bonus gift for all to enjoy.
  • the entire package, all rolled into one.

If you love Christmas, then you know how much this season means to us, too.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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