If You Were The Tree

If you were the tree, what would you see?

  • Young children, every one with joy-filled, happy faces.
  • Carefully hung stockings and decorations in all the right places.
  • Candy cane wrappers (why do they wrap them so tightly?) and a dusting of peppermints.
  • Fun socks, in all colors and designs, not to forget the clever sentiments.
  • Cookies, lots of them. Warm, just recently made.
  • Piano music, sheets and notes; waiting to be played.
  • Festive presents, wrapped with ribbons and bows.
  • Tiny fingers, chubby legs, and barely clad toes.
  • Tinsel and mirrored balls, lovingly stored treasures from year’s past.
  • Extras gathered all around, the moments going by – oh so – fast.

If you were the center of attention on Christmas morning, if you were the tree, what would you want to see?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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