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I’ve handled a few rebranding projects before. I know it takes a lot of focus and planning, not to mention time, effort and money. When you start the project, one of the things you absolutely must do is look around to all of the places where your brand is mentioned and shown.

I have to admit that I remember that our local hospital changed from Seattle’s Best Coffee to Starbucks (still Seattle, but different…) – I can’t exactly remember how long ago, but it was a while. Perhaps as long ago as 5 years; but admittedly, it could have been just a year ago.

We spend random days there…all 3 kids were born there, my doctor’s preferred mammogram and radiology departments are there, the kids have had stitches, broken bones, x-rays and I have had a scratched cornea. All of these treated in the hospital – some kept us there long enough to need – no… “need” sounds bad… how about – to want coffee.

This morning, while I was selecting the right creamer to pour and shaking out the sugar packet to keep it all off the counter – crunchy coffee counters are so impolite – I just happened to look around and saw this sign. I know the people in the cafeteria line were wondering what it was that I could be so very interested in…enough to take a picture. Well, you have to find inspiration wherever you are, and I found it, even before my cup of coffee.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

Signs are everywhere.

Signs are everywhere.

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