See Yourself

One of the best ways to represent your brand, your product and your services is to show your customers how they can believe in you. In other words, when you can see yourself in the situation, using the product, needing a service or owning it – the sell is done.

That is all you need to do.


OK, I know; it isn’t easy… not everyone is the same.

We all look different, we are different ages, different sexes, have different body types and shapes – not to mention that we have different tastes, preferences and interests.

Companies who can be specific and still appeal to more than one group are either very lucky…

Or, they spend a lot of time, effort and budget making it look easy. Or, they have a highly in-demand product and/or service.

The rest have to work harder to tone down images, blend things together. They can put a child with an adult who may not be their parent, or perhaps a person of one ethnic background with another entirely different demographic or even age…today, you will likely see two men together in the front seats of a car – they could be married, friends, dads in charge, or even coaches of the team.

It is all about the appeal.

It is easier yet more complicated today than it was 50 years ago…but it is still worth the effort. In the end, the outcome does matter and if you see yourself in the solution, then there is no problem whatsoever.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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