Long. Slow. Blinks.

Sometimes you are so tired, there are these tiny, momentary pauses in your life. They happen like this: Long. Slow. Blinks.

Then you wake up and you can’t believe that you missed something.

The memories you thought would be so vivid all those years ago start to fade and then, something triggers a small memory and it comes flooding back.

Something that happened 18 years ago, even 16 years ago… is clear as a bell.

Even still, while today I can’t remember where I saw younger daughter’s glasses yesterday – or was it the day before? They’re probably not lost, but I can’t remember and we certainly don’t have them in hand – the rest of it? Like it just happened a moment ago.

Like watching a baby fall asleep slowly. One that doesn’t want to miss a single thing.

They fall asleep like this: fighting every moment, even going so far as to jump up, run a lap around the room and then – reinvigorated – stay awake for another ten or fifteen minutes. Until later, there are serious moments of silence and those sought after quiet breaths. They are followed by relaxation. Long. Slow. Blinks…and then, one day you realize that they are a teen and they sleep all afternoon. We wonder. How did that happen. A statement, not a question. It just happens. To the best of us.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS She is 18 today. Where did the time go? Oh, right…we remember. Every moment. Well, maybe not all, but certainly a lot of them.

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