Lean On Me

When we work as a team, it is absolutely – without a question – ok to lean on me. I will be here for you when you need me, a sounding board, another opinion or another perspective.

When you are not experienced in something, I can help you – answer your questions or help you do something.  We all have our own strengths, the things that we have experienced, or learned, or practiced.  It is why we work so well together…as a team.

While I may not know accounting, or the butterfly stroke, or done a back flip in about 26 years… (and never done a double layout with a 1/2 twist), I do know how to interpret people and communications. So, if I am on your team and you need a little bit of insight – you can lean on me to give you that small piece of advice that might just get you where you want to go or what you want.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Yes, it is also a great song, which I think I can actually sing in key.

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