Infrequent Commuter

If you are the infrequent commuter, like me…what is on your mind while you get where you have to go?

  • Where did all the traffic come from all of a sudden and do all these people do this every day?
  • The 10 MPH stop and go traffic that has sudden bursts of 50 MPH only to come to a complete stand still is surely scarier than the now legal 70 MPH speed limit…
  • Why is construction seemingly never ending?
  • Can you really go 70 MPH at 11AM when you return from your meeting or will they shut down two lanes for the mid-day traffic jam?
  • Do people really do this commute every day with out an EZ Pass (or whatever your city/DOT calls it)?
  • Is there anyone I can call and keep up with everything I am not getting done while I drive?
  • What am I not going to do today if I get stuck here all day long?
  • What should we have for dinner…?
  • What are the kids doing since camp is over and I didn’t actually wake them up before I left, only said good-bye to a half asleep, eyes open but totally non-coherent – will they even remember that I said good-bye?
  • Will I be able to get to the bank before it closes at 4PM?
  • How are banks still able to to close at 4PM?
  • What should we have for lunch?
  • Why did I have a second cup of coffee?
  • Wait, do I have time for another cup of coffee?
  • Why does my hair look so good today when I am getting it cut tomorrow?
  • Will the package from Amazon come while I am away and no one will hear the door bell? You know, the one that requires a signature?
  • Am I the only lucky one who works from home most of the time?? How did I get to be so lucky?

As an infrequent commuter, there are many, many things that you think…all of these things, and more.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

Waitig on traffic

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